Color Change in Custom Basswood Shutters?

Not likely, and never with our custom basswood shutters. Traditional Wood Shutters

The paint industry has greatly improved the stability of colors over the past decade for interior custom shutter products.  Through our use of UV inhibitors in all our coatings, you can rest assured that your color will remain stable over the lifetime of your custom shutter ownership and that your plantation shutters will last a lifetime.

Finish color change is most often caused by discoloration of the material used.  Our custom shutters effectively isolate the basswood material by utilizing state of the art technology/equipment.  Every custom basswood shutter product receives a prime seal coat on each profile with a vacuum coater (Jesso coat).  The vacuum coater leaves a silky smooth base finish for the topcoats.  An electrostatic coating is applied in 6 layers building a high mil thickness with a buttery smooth surface.  The thick finish assures quality and longevity for your custom basswood shutters.

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